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of Our Team

Texmoites are known for their simple work philosophy – we get things done. And on the way to getting things done, our team harnesses multiple ‘power sources’:

• A history that dates to 1956
• Active investment in innovation
• Unique processes such as continuous improvement
• Practising what we preach about giving back to the community
• A leadership team that is committed to taking decisions that put employees first and sustaining the Texmo Group

We are looking for people who are undaunted by work. We are looking for people who can help build products and processes that will last for another century (and more). But, most importantly – we are looking for people who want to be a part of a vibrant, dynamic and supportive company.

If you have a growth-mindset, are keen to excel, learn & grow on the job, are willing to navigate new perspectives, and most importantly can bring respect and acceptance to your workspace, then all you need to do is head over to our Careers Page and reach out to us.

Diversity and Inclusivity

The Texmo Group is an equal-opportunity organisation and our doors are open to all people, regardless of race, religion, physical ability, gender or age.​

We support this ethos by implementing compensation, benefits, transfers and other policies without discrimination. All employees are treated with the respect due to them as individuals and as valued members of the Texmo Group team. Special care is taken when preparing a recruitment advertisement to ensure compliance with all applicable regulations of equal opportunity.​

Currently, we employ several differently-abled people, who work in various operations in packaging, dispatch, and spares management.