K. Sivasakthivel became part of the Texmo Blank family 11 years ago, and hasn’t looked back since. He shares his experience, from his experience as being employee number #218 for a company that now employees thousands of people.

“I truly feel like wonderful I’m a part of the family. I still love coming to work every day…”

“I started in 2011 as a shop floor supervisor,  and now I’m Senior Engineer in the Tool Room. Over the years, I’ve been given such a wonderful chance to grow and develop my skills, responsibilities and roles. A lot of this has been down to how the management are so open with giving these opportunities to employees, both professionally and personally. In fact, the management always focus on employee growth, health and safety.” 

A culture to be proud of

“I think Texmo Blank have a very modern office environment and bring new innovations to processes for manufacturing technology. More importantly, we have a good culture in our company, and people genuinely care about each other. I have an excellent team leader, who I am truly blessed to be working with because of the care, guidance and encouragement all the team receives. Also, I have brilliant team mates and other supportive teams across the business.”

The best in the business

“In my experience, the entire Texmo Blank team always tries to do right thing, from minimising lead times to our heavy focus on customer service and making our customer happy.”