Our vision

The Texmo Group produces innovative products backed by a high level of knowledge and service. We will continue to excel in meeting and surpassing expectations by being humble, agile, and responsible.

This way of working allows us to stay focused on our bigger purpose of adding value to people’s lives. We’re driven by a mission beyond profit – to create a better and more sustainable tomorrow.

Vision Vision

“It’s a highly ambitious environment. We’re learning and progressing every day but we’re still connected by the values and mission that our founder set, over 65 years ago.”

Suresh.v, Taro Pumps Employee

Our Values

At their core, our values can be captured by the phrase, ‘We think like a small company, and we behave like a large one.’

A small company mindset means we are agile, passionate about our work, and meticulous about the details.

Behaving like a large company means we recognise our responsibility to our people, the public, and the world. It means we are committed to making sustainable decisions, and working in collaborative and quietly impactful ways.


Our Future

The founder of Texmo Industries, R.Ramaswamy, believed in high-quality engineering and this belief encompassed everything – products, services, growth plans, and future readiness. And from the 1950s till today, the Texmo Group has nurtured good values, created a strong purpose, and charted a clear path to deliver best-in-class products and services to customers.

Our history of investing in the greater good has given us a solid foundation and all the right opportunities to grow and to be sustainable. And we want to be agile and adaptive. Our past gives us the confidence and enthusiasm to get into products and markets that complement Texmo’s offerings and bring richer and better value to our customers.

The future is not merely about staying in business; it is about making the right kind of difference to the world. Today, every decision we make ensures that Texmo Industries has a great and exciting future for the next 100 years (at least).