Sivaguru joined Texmo Blank in 2008 as a trainee in the engineering team. Now an Assistant Manager in Product Engineering, he sheds a little light on his experience of the company.

“I am very glad and proud to be a part of this company and wonderful young team.”

“In this organisation the communication channels are open, frank and everyone here is approachable. Everyone is friendly and the work environment is very comfortable. I always had opportunities and challenges beyond my current role which helped me transform myself and achieve greater heights.”

The place for challenge and growth
“Texmo is the correct place for someone looking for a challenging, fast-growing environment with opportunities to learn cross-functional skills. As I already said, It has a good work culture and a perfect work-life balance, so I enjoy progressing my career professionally and personally. The organisation is focused to continuous improvement through new technology implementation and a data-based approach. All the problems and issues solved very professionally and I’m learning new things every day.”

Experiences to remember

“The organisation is always working to create the best environments across all aspects – like employee health and safety, customer quality, environment safety, customer satisfaction, adhering the government rules and regulations, organisation growth, employees growth, team work, innovative ideas and implementation. The experiences that I have gained along the way are irreplaceable and invaluable.”