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Bokor Zoltan, Texmo Blank Employee


Best Local Places to Visit

Maria Theresia Bastion
The largest preserved piece of defensive wall of the Austrian-Hungarian fortress that covers about 1.7 hectares of the city centre is a must. The Bastion’s courtyard is used as a passageway, but it also houses commercial spaces, restaurants, bars, a club and an events hall.

The Botanical Park
Since 2007, the Botanical Garden has been a wonderful an arboretum in Timișoara. The Botanical Park has an area of about 84,000 m2, of which 74,500 covered by lawn and trees and 7,500 by alleys.

Roses Park
The Roses Park (Parcul Rozelor) was founded in 1891. Designed in English and French styles, it covers 9 hectares. The park is now how to over 1,200 rose varieties, and is known for hosting local festivals.

In the Wider Area

The Domain Herneacova
Herneacova is one of the oldest villages in Timis County. The location is secluded in the midst of nature and offers great freedom in organising hikes through the forest by horse-drawn carriage, on horseback, by bicycle or on foot.

The Murani Estates
This village is situated in a valley of the Ludabara stream and is surrounded by small hills. It boasts a leisure centre and a recreation centre with numerous activities for children and adults.

Lake Gozna
Vǎliug is one of the most beautiful leisure resorts in the Banat Mountain region due mainly to the picturesque landscape and the two accumulation lakes – Gonna and Breazova. There are numerous hotels and restaurants on the shores of Lake Gozna, and during the weekend the terraces are lively.

Careers in Timișoara, Romania

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