Your Global Castings Partner

Our international expertise makes us a trusted partner to worldwide brands, delivering progressive technologies to solve intricate challenges.

We provide optimal value on every project through our intelligent design process, precision castings and rigorous testing. Our agile infrastructure and supply chain scale give our customers choice, and a global advantage.

Putting The ‘Us’ in Business

Texmo Blank has prospered because of our people-first approach and focus on superior quality and service. For our 1,750 employees, our company is more than a workplace. It’s a space to create a purpose and build a personal legacy.​

We are committed to serving our customers simply because we believe in living our professional lives on a simple foundation – we (the employees and the founding family) want to build a sustainable company that will serve generations to come. We are dedicated to nurturing this attitude and belief.

Texmo blank warehouse Texmo blank warehouse

We Are Better Together

We celebrate the rich tapestry of cultures and heritages that make up our worldwide 1,750-strong team. We speak multiple languages across our business.

As a company, we believe in continuous improvement of our products and services, and most importantly, our people. This approach means that everyone at Texmo Blank is given the training and opportunities to excel.

We are Texmo Blank, and we are better together.

Texmo blank machinery Texmo blank machinery