We Care

Texmo Industries was set up in Coimbatore, South India, in 1956 by Ramana Ramaswamy. Ever since, Texmo Industries has stayed true to his mantra of ‘service before profits,’ and continues to manufacture pumps and motors that are innovative and dependable. A family-run, privately held organisation, Texmo Industries has persevered in being value-driven in everyday life, which has resulted in making TaroTM a name to reckon with in the pump industry.

​We try to make a difference in many ways when it comes to making a better world. With Taro Green, we provide free pumps to villages, while our Miss-a-Meal programme helps underprivileged children. We are an equal-opportunity employer and believe everybody deserves a chance to work with dignity and purpose.

Putting The ‘Us’ in Business

From our inception in 1956 till now, we have prospered because of our human-centric approach. Texmo Industries is not just a workplace. It is a part of our family and we are part of its growth. Texmo Industries has been looked after by three consecutive generations since we began, Damayanti Ramachandran and Arjunan Ramachandran being the latest members of the family at the helm.

We are all committed to our customers because we believe and live our professional lives on a simple foundation – we (the employees and the founding family) honour Texmo Industries as a legacy that will outlive us all. And therefore, we are dedicated to nurturing it.

It’s a Legacy That Will Grow

Taro Pumps harnesses the foundations of innovation and genuine concern for customer needs. This growth strategy gives us the confidence to carry out carefully crafted plans to increase our reach and help farmers, even in the most remote parts of the country.​

Technology continues to empower us to bring out even more effective solutions and make the world a closely-connected place. Engineering design, combined with process-oriented thinking, helps us strengthen the bonds we have with the people who trust Taro Pumps.

Strong social consciousness, and the need to help our employees rise worldwide will continue to pave the way for Texmo Industries to change the world, one pump at a time.