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Industrial Engineer • Texmo Precision Castings
Warsaw, United States • Manufacturing Operations • Apply by 03/12/2023

    This is an ideal opportunity for someone who wants to work with a growing innovative company. Texmo Precision Castings is a global company and our site in Warsaw Indiana is looking at significant growth in the next few years.. We have already invested a significant amount of funds to improve machinery and now this is starting to result in higher sales and a need for good quality engineers

    • BS or MS in Industrial Engineering
    • 5+ years experience
    Job Type: Full-time

    • Understanding & Application of Lean manufacturing & Just-in-time principles.
    • Identification and elimination of wastes for improving productivity and reducing costs
    • Process improvements and optimization.
    • Draft and design layout of equipment’s, materials and workspace to illustrate maximum efficiency.
    • Understanding Engineering drawings and Processes.
    • Productivity improvements & Methods engineering.
    • Strategic planning & execution [Cross Functional Program Management].
    • Quality measurement and improvement.
    • To handle industrial improvement projects
    • Implementation of Industrial 5S management system.
    • Cycle time mapping and standardization.
    • Definition of optimal usage of Man, Machine & Material thus improving productivity, eliminating wastes and reducing costs.
    • Definition & Modification of Standard Operating Procedures [Work flow sequencing].
    ·        To continuously improve the processes - Kaizen

    • Knowledge of TPS / Lean [JIT] / Flow based  Manufacturing concepts (Losses; Autonomation; Multi-machine Manning; Pokayoke; SMED Principles)
    • Knowledge of Casting, Machining, Assembly Manufacturing & Quality Processes
    • Industrial Engineering Knowledge (Time Study, SOP preparation)
    • Knowledge of Ergonomics
    • Mental Intensity & Stamina; Ability to do high concentration & focused work for long durations
    • Visual Observance Skills - Ability to detect losses, NVA(s) & wastes.
    • Creative Problem Solving

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  • Taro pumps
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  • Be Curious

    Be curious

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    Complete the Application

    Complete the application

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    Follow the instructions

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  • Resume Screening

    Resume screening

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    Preliminary Meeting

    Preliminary meeting

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    Assessment Round

    Assessment round

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    Final Interview

    Final interview

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