We Know Castings

Texmo Precision Castings manufactures steel castings for customers around the world. We do this in our ISO certified manufacturing plants that are equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Texmo Precision Castings believes in process-oriented thinking that empowers us to be a leader in the investment castings market.

Manufacturing plants in India and USA allow us to serve global markets in an effective manner, while consistency in quality has also ensured that we hold many recognitions for our standards. From raw materials to the finished product, we believe in stringent command and control.

Putting The ‘Us’ in Business

From 1992 to now, Texmo Precision Castings has prospered because of a seamless combination of a human-centric approach and focus on superior quality. We are part of the Texmo Group which was established in 1956. For us, this is not just a work-place. It is a part of our family and we are part of its growth. 

We are all committed to serving customers simply because we believe and live our professional lives on a simple foundation – we (the employees and the founding family) hold our business as a legacy that will outlive us all. And therefore, we are dedicated to nurturing it.  

Full Steam Ahead

We are gearing up to serve an even wider range of industries, because we realise that investment castings can replace conventional components almost everywhere. We are also investing in even more cutting-edge technology and advancements in areas such as 3D printing, experimental alloys and engineering design.

We will also put time and energy in delivering the best-in-class products at the most optimal costs. Along with this, we are ramping up the space in our manufacturing plant in India so we can continue to execute projects with the most complex geometry in a reliable and timely manner.